Oil Slick Lips Conquered Fashion Week And Are Surprisingly Wearable

Leave it to legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath to create a colorful lip look that’s equal parts runway-ready and everyday wearable. The queen of the cosmetics world invented oil slick lips - liquid lipstick in dark, swirling hues reminiscent of a sleek and chic splash of oil on the street - for high-end fashion label Maison Margiela’s AW18 runway show, and the look has all but taken over Instagram.

If you’re looking at the images of the models on the Maison Margiela runway and thinking, That’s cute, but I could never pull it off, think again. These makeup artists (both professional and amateur) have proven that oil slick lips are totally doable for date night, girls’ night out, or even just your next social media selfie. Wherever you plan to wear the look, take cues from the best oil slick lips of Instagram and you can’t go wrong.