Unspeakable Times

People from OJ Simpson's Trial: Where Are They Now?

With the OJ Simpson murder trial back in the spotlight, it's a good time to ask where the key players in the saga are now. While the intervening two decades find OJ Simpson in jail, the other lawyers, cops, and minor celebrities who were involved in the trial have found themselves in a wide range of situations. None have been able to escape the notoriety of their time in the whirlwind of the trial. Some haven't even tried, and are still cashing in.

Several of the key players, including two of Simpson's "dream team" of attorneys have died. Judge Lance Ito stayed out of the spotlight, while racist cop Mark Fuhrman lost his job and became a go-to media figure. Others have simply tried to make their way in the world, forever associated with the brutal murders and the bizarre trial they birthed.

What's going on with OJ Simpson today? Here's a look at key players from the OJ Simpson trial and what they're doing now.