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12 Facts About The Unsolved Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders 

Cat McAuliffe
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In the summer of 1977, three young Girl Scouts - Lori Farmer, Michelle Guse, and Doris Milner - were brutally assaulted and murdered on their very first night at Camp Scott in Mayes County, OK. Just hours after they were killed, a counselor discovered the girls' battered bodies, stuffed in their sleeping bags and dumped not far from Cookie Trail, the main road into the Girl Scout camp.

Decades later, Oklahomans and people all around the world are fascinated by details about the Oklahoma Girl Scout murders. Many people - including ministers and convicted criminals - have contacted law enforcement and the media to provide the names of the people they believe killed the girls. While some people think they know exactly who killed the Oklahoma Girl Scouts, no one has ever been convicted of the crimes. The unsolved Girl Scout murders remain some of the state's most disturbing unsolved cases.

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The Camp Was Shut Down After The Murders
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The day after Farmer, Guse, and Milner were murdered, Camp Scott was evacuated and shut down. The camp - which opened in 1928 - remains closed to this day, though the site is frequently visited by ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts who claim the area is haunted by the three girls.

In the 1980s, the Girl Scouts sold the camp, but the new owner appears to have done little if anything with the property. A picnic table, a stone fireplace, and multiple wood tent platforms remain at the site, although they have been devoured by weeds and other vegetation.

Four Men May Have Killed The Girl Scouts
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In 1989, Reverend Gerald Manley contacted the authorities to say he thought four men were responsible for ending the lives of Farmer, Guse, and Milner. Manley provided law enforcement with the names of two of the people he said killed the girls, and while officials investigated the tip provided by the reverend, they were unable to link the men to the murders.

Manley said he went to Camp Scott with four men - whom he claimed needed his Christian influence - and he saw the dead body of one of the girls and two sleeping bags that appeared to contain the corpses of the two other Girl Scouts. While police have been unable to corroborate the reverend's story, Manley reportedly passed a lie detector test when questioned about his claims, and provided the same account while under hypnosis.

DNA Was Collected From The Crime Scene
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In addition to biological evidence recovered from the crime scene, the authorities also found semen on a pillowcase discovered near the victims' bodies. The FBI tested the sample in 1989, and while they were unable to rule Gene Leroy Hart out as the person who left the bodily fluids at the scene, the test was inconclusive. They were unable to definitively match the convicted kidnapper and rapist to the Girl Scout murders.

In 2008, the authorities decided to test the semen again in hopes of getting more conclusive results. Unfortunately, after several decades, the DNA sample was simply too degraded for technicians to create a profile of the person who left it. That also meant that Hart still wasn't ruled out, and despite being found not guilty, many people remain convinced he committed the killings.

Multiple People Heard Disturbing Noises The Night Of The Murder
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On the night Farmer, Guse, and Milner were viciously raped and murdered, several campers and counselors people at Camp Scott heard disturbing noises. At around 1:30 a.m., multiple people heard moaning sounds coming from the direction of the murdered girls' sleeping quarters, tent number 8. A counselor investigated the noises, but couldn't find the source, so she went back to sleep.

Approximately 30 minutes later, a camper in tent number 7 was awoken when someone with a flashlight opened the flap to the tent. At around 3:00 a.m., a Girl Scout heard a scream come from the section of camp where tent number 8 was located. At approximately the same time, another camper heard a scream, followed by someone crying, "Momma, Momma." Unsure of what to do, the Girl Scout went back to sleep.