Old Athletes You Didn't Realize Are Still Alive

With the life expectancy (at least in the United States) currently at 81 for women, and 76 for men, sometimes you just don't realize how far back our senior citizens were born. They were born in the 30s and 40s are still alive and kickin'. You hear it's a famous person's birthday and your first thought is, "Oh, wait they're still alive?" This is especially true for old athletes, who aren't seen on the playing field or in the announcer's box anymore.

With the wear and tear and the physical strain athletes constantly put on their bodies while in their prime, it's difficult to know how long they'll be around as they get older. For example, the life expectancy for a professional football player is much lower than average, and a boxer's is even worse. But some of these athletes are still alive, despite their age and their physically taxing career choice.

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