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Bands You Loved In High School That Are Miraculously Still Together

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Years and fads come and go, but the '90s is a decade that won’t seem to die. Even if modern fashion wasn't already drawing heavily on the last decade of the 20th century (Justin Bieber sold Antichrist Superstar shirts on tour), the '90s bands that still tour found a resurgence among audiences who probably weren’t alive during the bands’ heyday. While maybe not headlining stadiums, old alt-rock bands that still tour managed to go some 20 or even 30 years and maintain some level of popularity. Whether you prefer pop punk, blues rock, or you just want to bro out to some alt-rock, there’s a band from the '90s playing one of your favorite '90s throwback jams near you.

The popular alt-rock bands from the '00s that are still together are the last bands that you would expect to still be touring. Though a few bands from the era, like Blink 182 and Green Day, continue to sell out as arena juggernauts, these bands that have been together for over 20 years simply continue to plug away at what they do best: laying down '90s jams that transport their audiences back to the days of outlandish Gap commercials, bleached hair, and other '90s fashion moments.

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    Matchbox 20 spent nearly half-a-decade pushing audiences around with their melodic adult contemporary grooves, but the band took about decade off once Rob Thomas decided to pursue a solo career after the success of "Smooth," a Grammy-winning song by Carlos Santana on which Thomas provided vocals. In 2017, the band made a return to the stage to co-headline a tour with '90s rock sadsacks Counting Crows. 


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    These boys from Buffalo are no strangers to the slide down from stardom, but they found a way to make their Replacements-esque pop punk work for more than 30 years. Despite a series of line-up changes and waning album sales, the Goo Goo Dolls regularly get on the road to play the hits. Don't act like you've forgotten "Iris".

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    You'd have to be Superman to survive the ups and down of a career like the one Three Doors Down has. The band endured illness, the death of a former band member, and the Trump inauguration, so it seems that nothing, not even kryptonite, can stop this permanent alt-rock fixture

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    Stephen Jenkins and company led a semi-charmed kind of life throughout the last half of the '90s, when they released two popular albums and appeared on just about every teen sex-comedy soundtrack. The band never stopped recording or touring or trolling Republicans, and would probably make a great concert for you and your high school sweetheart.

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