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Shocking Images From The Brutality of 1920s Gangland Chicago

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In the 1920s and '30s, Chicago, Illinois, served as a hotbed for organized crime. Groups like the Bloody Gennas and the Black Hand moved into town and set up their crime syndicates in the early 1900s, but the shortsightedness of Prohibition really brought the criminals together. Legendary gangsters such as Al Capone and Bugs Moran started rival bootlegging operations, leading to great success and riches for themselves but also an onslaught of violence which gripped the Windy City for years. The perpetual conflict caused by these crime lords caused more than just death and destruction, as corruption and bribery infiltrated Chicago authorities and politicians.

But the most telling evidence of this sordid history comes from Chicago crime scene photos that depict the violence of the era. The bloodshed wasn't just contained to the mafia and police officers - newspaper reporters, lawyers, and everyday civilians were the targets of hitmen as well. The pictures here show organized crime in its heyday, filled with stories of people being taken out with car bombs and submachine guns. 

  • Frank Capone Gunned Down In A Bloody 1924 Shootout With Plainclothes Police Officers

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  • Henry Earl J. Wojciechowski, AKA Hymie Weiss, A Rival Of Al Capone, Hit By Submachine Gun Fire In 1926

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  • Jim Colosimo Killed In An Ambush In 1920 While Waiting For A Shipment Of Bootleg Liquor

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  • The Infamous John Dillinger Laid Out In The Morgue In 1934

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