Weird Nature "Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary" Is The Last Pure Place On Earth  

Eric Vega
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If you're looking for that one bright spot in the world that will make everything feel okay, look no further than the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary in Tennessee. This amazing place was founded in order to give older and disabled dogs a chance to live out the remainder of their days in the friendliest retirement home on Earth. Out of all the dog facts you might not know, one of the saddest ones is that older dogs are less likely to be adopted from shelters, and many are at risk of being euthanized if they can't find a home. That's why Old Friends is on a mission to take in neglected dogs and give them the home they deserve. 

The nonprofit organization is committed to providing everything an old dog needs for its residents, including premium veterinary care and lots of belly rubs. Their Instagram page is full of adorable photos of elderly dogs that will restore your faith in humanity. This home for old dogs is truly one of a kind, so if you want to support these wonderful doggos then you can donate to Old Friends directly on their website. If you need any more inspiration to help out these elderly dogs, check out these cute pictures and you'll instantly fall in love.

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Tuckered Out After A Day Of Play


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Hicks Loves Lounging In The Community Pool


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The Greatest Pack Of All Time


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Tinker Has Three Legs And Has A Lot To Say About It