10 Awesome Old Hollywood Actresses Who Slept With Whoever They Felt Like

The phrase "golden age of cinema" conjures up images of brooding leading men and glamorous Hollywood alpha females. But the era was also an outrageous time of Hollywood cougars and scandalous seductresses, female movie stars who did what they wanted when they wanted, and were seemingly immune to the gossip their affairs stirred up.

That's not to say that cheating is always the classiest move. Some of the icons on this list, like Vivien Leigh and Elizabeth Taylor (and their male cohorts, of course) threw innocent third parties under the bus in shocking ways, by the standards of any era. But on the other end of the spectrum, there were fabulous figures like Jayne Mansfield (who kept smitten Satanist Anton LaVey on romantic tenterhooks), Lupe Vélez (who deliberately courted scandal to prove a point about malevolent gossip) and Louise Brooks (who left Hollywood so that she could sleep around and drink gin in peace).