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The Most Unbelievable Old Hollywood Estates

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Old Hollywood mansions may not be as large or lavish as many celebrities' homes today, but considering their size and cost during the time in which they were built, they're still impressive. Often located on acres of property, many featured amenities like swimming pools, tennis courts, and even golf courses. Residents and their guests could make use of dozens of bathrooms, bedrooms, and private screening rooms for their films. While ideas of living in excess have changed since Hollywood's silent film era, the need for successful Hollywood residents to live beyond the means of ordinary mortals is pretty much the same.

Old Hollywood estates aren't limited to the silent film era, however, and stars from the golden ages of the 1930s and 40s through the 1960s all used their wealth to create elaborate living spaces for themselves. Many became places for the famous to gather and hold parties. From acres of gardens and stables to garages large enough to hold an entire fleet of cars, these estates provided an appropriate setting for Hollywood's larger-than-life elite to spend their days and nights.