14 Old Hollywood Movies Where the Stars Totally Hooked Up IRL

The seemingly limitless ingenuity of the human mind has allowed people to go to the moon, touch the bottom of the ocean, cure diseases, and spread celebrity gossip like the plague. Yet the societal obsession with celebrity is hardly a new phenomenon, and neither is the desire to know every intimate, trivial facet about the love lives of stars. In fact, the tabloids and newspapers of yesteryear were chock full of details about old Hollywood actors who hooked up during filming. 

Mostly, you weigh the significance of actor-on-actor romances by how hot the two are on screen. Who cares about the inevitable break-up? They don't put that on film (usually). When you go to the pictures, you wanna see scenes of beautiful people in love. The studio sets of Hollywood's Golden Age were just as depraved as today's, if not more so, and everyone was getting in on it. Studio heads tried to manipulate relationships, news agencies sent headlines around the world. Even the Vatican had something to say about the romance between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.  

Read on to learn about old Hollywood movies where the stars were having sex, and to pick up some juicy tabloid tales of yesteryear to impress your friends with old Hollywood stories of stars hooking up.