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The Most Over-The-Top Old Hollywood Party Pads

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Old Hollywood decor could be staid (booths and wood paneling at Musso & Frank Grill), or not staid (fake palm trees at the Cocoanut Grove). In the early days of Hollywood, film actors and the like were not always welcome at some nightspots and social clubs frequented by the cream of Los Angeles society. As a result, they had to establish hangouts where they would be welcome to party until dawn, mingle with other celebrities, and indulge in all kinds of illicit behavior without fear of being shunned or caught.

Beginning in the early 1920s, spots that catered to the Hollywood crowd started to spring up in places ranging from hotels to private mansions. From the aviary at the Mocambo to the secret underground tunnel that connected the Players Club to the extremely private Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard, these spots often had decor or entertainment that was as eccentric and over-the-top as the patrons' behavior.