13 Rarely Seen Photos And Videos Of Old Hollywood Legends On Their Wedding Day

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The glamour of old Hollywood still enchants us today. We love the nostalgia of it - the glitz, the swanky black and white photos. We especially love the old Hollywood legends; they're graceful and poised in a way that eludes many famous celebrities today. Old celebrity wedding photos are so popular, in part, because we get to see celebrities celebrate without the gaudiness and fanfare that accompanies many modern celebrity nuptials. We're able to glimpse these intimate moments and feel a sort of kinship. Like the glamorous photos from presidential weddings, these images from old Hollywood often show that stars can be both extravagant and tasteful.

Many of the old Hollywood legends in these photos were married more than once. Marilyn Monroe's wedding day happened a few times over, as did Elizabeth Taylor's. A few stars were so abused by their management companies and productions studios that none of their marriages stuck. Judy Garland was one of the old legends who suffered the most. 

The paparazzi may not have been as vicious back when these photos and videos were taken, but they loved a good celeb shot as much as any modern fan and their work has endured the tests of time.