Weird Nature Take A Look Inside LA's Old Abandoned Zoo  

Mick Jacobs

Many attractions in Los Angeles, from the Getty to the Walk of Fame, are constantly swarmed by tourists and visitors. Next time you visit the City of Angels, maybe check out one of the city's forgotten haunts: the LA zoo, featured in the video below.

Opened in 1912, the now-defunct zoo aspired to be "the world's most natural and unique zoo," a fitting goal in a city known for glitz and glam. Unfortunately, the zoo failed to live up to its own high expectations.

As a result, the zoo ended up closing, but the structures remain standing today. Now, anyone may visit the abandoned zoo, located near Griffith Park. As cool as the Griffith Observatory is, can it hold a candle to the old LA zoo?

Well, why not try doing both the next time you find yourself in Los Angeles? Watch the video below to see if the old LA zoo sounds like your type of tourist attraction.