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Weird History
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People Have Been Complaining About The Youth For All Of Human History

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It's not hard to find people with harsh words to say about millennials and Gen Z. If Twitter and cable news networks are to be believed, kids spend their days ruining industries, taking selfies, and sharing millennial memes instead of doing hard work. One thing these millennial critics often have in common: They're old.

However, this type of criticism isn't unique to the 21st century. It turns out that complaining about younger generations is truly timeless. Going back to the Greek philosophers, adults have had low opinions of the youth, and we have the quotes to prove it. From ancient Greeks to Victorian writers to modern-day pundits, these quotes show how older generations have complained about the loose morals and laziness of every generation (including yours). While some of the claims border on ridiculous (like chess sending kids on a downward spiral), others make valid points. Some are clearly the work of bitter thinkers, and others come from a place of genuine concern.

Regardless, the intent is consistent. The older generations have had problems with those darn kids for millennia.

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