29 Times A Senior Citizen Was Hilariously Bad At Using The Internet

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It's not easy for a lot of us to navigate the always evolving digital landscape. But sometimes our senior citizens make some of the most wholesome and hilarious mistakes online. You can find more posts like this at r/oldpeoplefacebook. Be sure to vote up your favorite posts.

  • 1. Turn Down My Volume

    Turn Down My Volume
    Photo: u/diverareyouok / Reddit
    45 votes
  • 2. She'll Get There

    She'll Get There
    Photo: u/Seaboats / Reddit
    43 votes
  • 3. Dang, Grandma Didn't Hold Back

    Dang, Grandma Didn't Hold Back
    Photo: u/Throwawayroast111 / Reddit
    65 votes
  • 4. Milly Doesn't Mean To Shout

    Milly Doesn't Mean To Shout
    Photo: u/knifewrenchhh / Reddit
    73 votes
  • 5. When Your Parents Overshare

    When Your Parents Overshare
    Photo: u/pcyr9999 / Reddit
    40 votes
  • 6. Everything Okay, Ethel?

    Everything Okay, Ethel?
    Photo: u/itsnotwillll / Reddit
    38 votes