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15 Amazing Old People Wearing Funny T-Shirts

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The elderly's fashion isn't usually something that makes headlines. Collared shirts, plaid shirts, khakis, floral patterns, and purple pants are pretty much what we expect from our grandparents and older parents.

These old people, however, are making bold statements with their wardrobe choices. The T-shirts these sweet grandmas and grandpas are wearing are rude, crass, and downright hilarious. Whether they're fully aware of the jokes on their clothes or their grandchildren convinced them that these shirts aren't as bad as they actually are, the elderly people in these pictures are displaying their senses of humor the best way they can: on their clothing.
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    This Sweet Lady Who Will Probably Bake You Cookies

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    This Guy Who's Loving to Hate

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    This Woman Who Has More Money Than She Knows What to Do With It

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    This Player Whose Sneaks Pull the Whole Ensemble Together

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