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15 Cool Older People With Tattoos

Tattoos are forever. We repeat: FOREVER. That little word will either excite you or terrify you when it comes to talking about permanent body art, but have you ever wondered what happens to tattoos when you get older? There are tons of horror stories about wrinkly skin that renders your once-pristine art unrecognizable. Simply put, if you're 60+ years old and rocking a full sleeve or two and a chest piece, you're probably one cool dude. 

This list of old people with tattoos will get you ready to conquer the word "forever." The elderly folk with tattoos showcased in this list prove just how cool it is to get tattoos and wear them proudly. These men and women all have unique stories displayed on their arms, face, neck, stomach, and legs. Everything from color, black and white, and portraits are displayed.

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    The Next Best Suit Accessory

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    Who Said Tattoos Can't Be Stylish?

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    Her Face And Arms Are Full Of Wisdom

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    He Has Done A Lot More In His Life Than Just Get Tattoos

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