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Which Old-School Anime Protagonist Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

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There are plenty of amazing new anime, but sometimes the mood calls for an old-school anime binge. Anime with the best rewatch value might get you thinking about the characters with whom you share the most similarities. If you find that you identify with a host of anime characters, it may be time to turn to the stars to help determine your anime personality. Just like your zodiac sign can help settle which anime villain you are, your sign can also assess your old-school anime protagonist. 

Are you a reckless, adventure-loving bundle of happiness born under Sagittarius? Then you might relate to Miaka Yuki of Fushigi Yugi. Are you a Cancer who cares deeply for others and advocates total pacificism? Then you have something in common with Rurouni Kenshin's title character Kenshin Himura.

For every sign, there's a fabulous old-school anime protagonist to match.

  • The showiest, most dramatic sign of the zodiac is the Fire sign, Leo. Leos are brave, loyal, and kind, but they're also prone to boasting. When they truly need him, Ranma Saotome from Ranma ½ will do anything in the world to help his friends. But when he's not playing the hero, he's bragging about his marital arts prowess and getting sarcastic with Akane.

    It's this combination of positive and negative Leo traits that make him a well-rounded, interesting character. 

  • Virgo (August 23 - September 22): Tohru Honda

    Tohru Honda excels at cleaning and organization. When she first moves into the Sohma household, she quickly transforms their messy apartment into a sparkling clean one. What's more, she makes meals for the family on a regular basis, organizes everyone's daily schedules, and generally makes everyone's lives easier by breaking up the chaos in which they live.

    She did the same thing when she lived with her mother. Her incredible organizational talents are all thanks to her Virgo star sign.

    Unlike some Virgos, Tohru doesn't judge people who aren't as skilled in this arena as she is - but she can get quite overwhelmed by taking on too much work without trying to delegate it to others. 

  • Libras are high-energy, charming people who are great at garnering support for their cause of choice. Goku, a Saiyan warrior who attracts the loyalty of beings from all over the galaxy, exudes Libra magnetism.

    Another trait he shares with the Air sign is his passion for fairness and justice. Goku is disinterested in fighting people who are much weaker than he is - he wants to seek out the strongest opponent possible and defeat them fair and square. If someone does him a favor, he will pay it back no matter what - even if that person is his enemy. 

  • Scorpio (October 23 - November 21): Gene Starwind

    It's hard to truly get to know a Scorpio - and the same can be said for Outlaw Star's Gene Starwind. On the outside, Scorpios can be anything from magnetic and mysterious to boisterous and charming - but no matter their exterior personality, they tend to have hidden depths they'll only show to those who are brave enough to get close.

    Gene presents a combination of excessive toughness and irritability, but underneath his gruff, bad-boy shell, he's hiding emotional wounds - specifically a phobia of outer space, which stems from a childhood trauma. Gene is guarded and doesn't like other people knowing about his issues - so like most Scorpios, he'll only open up about his true feelings under rare circumstances.