35 Photos We Found This Year That Are The Definition Of Old School Cool

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Photos have the ability to capture a specific moment in time. These images can be seen as a time capsule, often giving the viewer a glimpse into what life could've looked like at the time the photo was taken. From meeting the Three Stooges in 1969, to a portrait from the 1920s, these photos are the epitome of "old school cool." Courtesy of r/OldSchoolCool.

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    A Stunt Pilot In 1924

    From Redditor u/songdogtactical:

    My Great-grandmother was a stunt pilot in 1924.

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    Meeting Babe Ruth In 1933

    From Redditor u/Freelove_Freeway:

    My Grandaunt as a Cardinals mascot with Babe Ruth, 1933. Ruth said “she’s too cute so this’ll be the only time I get my picture taken with a d*mn Redbird!” then took a knee to take a pic with her.

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    A Great Grandmother In The 1920s

    From Redditor u/lyralevin:

    My great-grandmother, circa 1920s. She was a model and quite the party girl.

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    A High School Photo In 1928

    From Redditor u/Subsidiary:

    My great-grandmother's high school picture, 1928.

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    A Father And Daughter Balancing Act In 1958

    From Redditor u/-Artemisia-:

    My acrobatically skilled grandfather lifting my mother in 1958.

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    Albert Einstein In 1945

    Albert Einstein In 1945
    Photo: u/OGnilla / Reddit

    From Redditor u/OGnilla:

    My grandma hanging out with Albert Einstein in her backyard. Taken around 1945.

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