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25 Photos That Are The Definition Of 'Old School Cool'

April 12, 2021 3.6k votes 322 voters 17.1k views25 items

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A photo has the ability to capture a specific moment in time to live on forever. These photos may have been taken a long time ago, but they're even cooler now than they were back then. Courtesy of: r/OldSchoolCool.

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    High School Photo In 1928

    Photo: u/Subsidiary / Reddit

    From Reddit user u/Subsidiary:

    My great-grandmother's high school picture, 1928.

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    Grandparents Sixty Years Apart

    Photo: u/erice495able / Reddit

    From Reddit user u/erice495able:

    My grandparents, April 5, 1961 and again April 5, 2021.

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    A Couple Over Sixty Years Apart

    Photo: u/BowerBowser123 / Reddit

    From Reddit user u/BowerBowser123:

    Pittsburgh 1957 / Pittsburgh 2021.

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    Parents In The 60s

    Photo: u/technasis / Reddit

    From Reddit user u/technasis:

    My 1960's parents - Thanks mom and dad!

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