29 Family Photos That Are The Definition Of Old-School Cool

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Photos can be seen as time capsules, giving someone a glimpse into what life could've looked like at the time the photo was taken. From a self-portrait in the 1950s, to walking in the North Pole in 1992, these photos are the epitome of “old-school cool.” Courtesy of r/OldSchoolCool.

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    A Nurse In WWII

    From Redditor u/gdbailey:

    My grandmother turned 98 this week. This is her in her full nursing uniform during WWII.

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    Being Crowned Homecoming Queen In 1970

    From Redditor u/funkynchunki:

    My grandmother becoming her city’s FIRST black homecoming queen in 1970.

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    A Self-Portrait In The 1950s

    From Redditor u/midnighteyesx:

    My grandfather lighting himself a cigarette in a double-exposure self-portrait (1950s).

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    A Physicist In 1958

    From Redditor u/kay-el-sea:

    I found this cleaning out my Nana’s condo. She recently suffered a stroke and is struggling with dementia, but when I showed her this she remarked, “Look at that; wasn’t I something?” and smiled :) [Circa 1958.]

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    Re-creating A Honeymoon Photo 40 Years Later

    From Redditor u/Old_but_New:

    My parents re-created their honeymoon picture 40 years later.

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    Father And Son Over 30 Years Apart

    From Redditor u/rainfillsthelake:

    My dad vs me. 1984 vs 2018. Chichen Itza.

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