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21 Pictures Of People That Are The Definition Of 'Old School Cool'

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The subreddit Old School Cool is a study of the cool kids throughout history.  Be it heavy metal headbangers from the 1980s or far-out frontiersmen from the 1880s, every era has its equivalent of cool. Here is a look back at the rad, the awesome, and the awe-inspiring individuals from a bygone era.

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    Franceska Mann: The Bravest Ballerina

    Posted by Redditor u/allthekos:

    Franceska Mann, arrived at Auschwitz in 1943, when ordered to strip, she did so provocatively, distracting the guards. She grabbed the roll call officers gun and shot him, then wounded one more before other prisoners joined her rebellion before all being shot.

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    Ahead Of Her Time 

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    Mom and Mick

    Posted by Redditor u/

    My mom would always talk about how she was an editor for Tiger Beat magazine when she was a teenager in the 1960s. She would brag about spending time with the Stones and the Beatles. We always thought she was telling tall tales. Uncovered this pic cleaning out her house last week.

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    1967 Vs. 2018

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