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What Toy Stores Of The Past Looked Like Compared To Now

Updated November 30, 2018 12.5k views20 items

One real-life toy story nearly as entertaining as the Pixar version plays out in the history of toy stores. When looking at pictures of old toy stores, you see the dramatic changes from the early days of consumer entertainment to the present day. Even many of the toys people consider retro today look high-tech compared with the ball-in-a-cup toys of the past.

Just as toys have evolved, so have toy stores. Today's fidget spinners and Pomsie Plushies have replaced the entertainment of old, including the rocking horse, teddy bear, and infamous Cabbage Patch Kid. Photos of vintage toy stores feature all these old-school toys and much more. Kids today might not find much to get excited about at many of these vintage toy shops, but that's not their fault. Kids' interests have changed with the times.

As entertainment ventures further into the digital realm, toy stores may go the way of shuttered mall shops. But the feeling of wandering through the aisles of a toy store is a sentiment many people will never forget.