Graveyard Shift

A Werewolf Has Terrorized The English Countryside For So Long Locals Gave The Beast A Nickname

The legend of Old Stinker, a folktale descended from English werewolf stories of the 10th century, was long assumed by modern inhabitants of East Yorkshire to be nothing more than fiction... until the residents of Kingston upon Hull - or Hull, as it's commonly called - started meeting the monster in the flesh. Over a century after the last stories of the monster, a truck driver reported that he had been attacked by a creature whose description sounds like it was ripped from the most thrilling and vile Saxon-era accounts of Old Stinker itself. No further reports surfaced at the time, but the legend was reborn, and this time, it refused to stay dormant. In 2015, one reported sighting of the werewolf near Barmston Drain led to a wave of local sightings that terrified citizens of Hull for nearly a year, dragging Old Stinker into the media spotlight.

Just as the werewolf sightings of Cannock Chase made the English country town notorious among paranormal enthusiasts, Hull has gained its own otherworldly reputation as a result of its hairy problem. The possibility of a real encounter with a werewolf became such a concern in the town that a few citizens even went so far as to organize an official werewolf hunt. However, despite the best efforts of intrepid investigators, the true story of Old Stinker the werewolf remains shrouded in mystery - mostly. Here's a look into the history of East Yorkshire's resident foul-breathed werewolf.