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"Oldboy" movie quotes follow the twists and turns of the 2013 American remake of the 2003 South Korean action-mystery film of the same name. Spike Lee directed the remake of the Park Chan-wook cult classic, based on the Japanese manga, using a screenplay by Mark Protosevich. "Oldboy" was released in the United States on November 27, 2013.

In "Oldboy," Joe Doucett (Josh Brolin) wakes up in a strange hotel room where he soon learns will be holding him captive. He doesn't know how he got there or who is holding him but has access to a television and receives food regularly. While watching television, Joe learns that he is the prime suspect in the murder of his ex-wife and mother of his daughter. 20 years pass during which he remains in the room, plotting his revenge and strengthening himself physically.

One day, Joe wakes up in a trunk in a field, seemingly free from his solitary confinement. He heads to meet up with an old friend, Chucky (Michael Imperioli), and soon receives a call from his former captor. Things only get more and more bizarre as the caller urges him to look at his life to determine why he was locked up and why he was released, learning that only after he can answer both questions will the safety of his daughter be secured. Along with Chucky's friend Marie (Elizabeth Olsen), Joe embarks on a mission to find the truth, get revenge and reunite with his daughter but what he learns only complicates his life even more.

"Oldboy" joins theaters already packed full of hits like "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," "Delivery Man," "Nebraska," "Sunlight Jr.," "Last Vegas," "Ender's Game, "The Counselor," "Bad Grandpa," "Escape Plan," "The Fifth Estate," "Captain Phillips," "Gravity," "Machete Kills," "Runner Runner," "Don Jon," "Rush, "Prisoners,", "Enough Said," "The Family," and "Riddick,".

Tell Me Why I'm in Here

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Joe Doucett: "Where's the phone? … Hello? Hello?! … Tell me why I'm in here. Look at me. No, no, no, no!"

Joe wakes up in what looks to be a hotel room, albeit one missing a telephone. He soon learns that he is trapped in this room with no memory of how he got there.
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Every Deed, Word and Thought

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Joe Doucett: [Knocks]
Chucky: "We're closed."
Joe Doucett: [Knocks more]
Chucky: "Are you deaf? We're closed."
Joe Doucett: "Chucky"
Chucky: "Do I know you?"
Joe Doucett: "It's Joe."
Chucky: "Joe, Joe, come in… 20 years in the same room, jesus christ I would have lost my mind. Why, why would somebody do that to you? What could you have possibly done? Here, I think you could use this."
Joe Doucett: "No, I'm fine with coffee."
Chucky: "Well, what are you going to do, Joe?"
Joe Doucett: [on phone] "Hello"
Mystery Caller: "Hello, Joseph, how was your first day of freedom?"
Joe Doucett: "Who is this?"
Mystery Caller: "I believe that we are solely responsible for our choices and we have to accept the consequences of every deed, word and thought throughout our lifetime. That was written by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Joseph, and now I want you to look at every deed, word and thought in the course of your miserable existence. Heh, there's more coming, a formal proposal, but if you are successful, Joseph, I think you will find peace. I believe you may even find happiness perhaps with that lovely daughter of yours, Mia."
Joe Doucett: "No, Mia has nothing to do with this."
Mystery Voice: "If you would like to see your daughter alive again, you must answer me two questions. One: Why did I imprison you for 20 years? And two: Why did I let you go?"

After his release, Joe heads to meet with friend Chucky. Once there, he receives a strange call from the man who held him captive for 20 years. If Joe's life was not bizarre to begin with, it's only getting more bizarre now.
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My Letters

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Joe Doucett: "You read them?! You read my letters? You had no right! Who are you?"
Marie: "Your friend Chucky called me because you were in really bad shape."
Joe Doucett: "I'm all right now so you can get out of here."
Marie: "No, you're far from all right."
Joe Doucett: "What are you doing here?"
Marie: "I apologize for reading your letters."
Joe Doucett: "You didn't call the police?"
Marie: "No, I didn't."
Joe Doucett: "Why?"
Marie: "I believe you."
Joe Doucett: "Why?"
Marie: "I believe that you've been locked up for a long time…"
Joe Doucett: "Don't touch me! What if I thought you knew too much, huh? Reading my letters… What if I felt like I needed to kill you right now?"
Marie: "Then I suppose I'd be dead. Joe, please take your hands off me… If you are trying to find your daughter and clear your name, I could help you."

Joe is startled to find Marie going though his belongings after he wakes at Chucky's. Joe doesn't want to trust Marie, a stranger, but she seems to want to help him figure things out.
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Dragon Something

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Marie: "What are you looking for?"
Joe Doucett: "A restaurant, it's called Dragon something."

Joe beings to remember the details of his captivity and tries to use them to help find those responsible. His first clue: The restaurant that produced the dumplings he ate during his captivity.
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