12 Times Grown-Up Actors Played Kids And Teens (And Nailed It)

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Adult actors playing kids is an evergreen vehicle for comedy. Whether it's due to a body swap, absurd casting, or a child rapidly aging through magic, the classic story of a child wishing to be older, enjoying it at first, and then longing for their youth is a journey always filled with laughs. More so than that, though, it's an incredible feat for an actor to pull off (and no, this isn't including 20-something actors cast as teenagers, so CW shows need not apply for a position on this list). 

Any actor playing a character engaged in a Freaky Friday flip is pulling off a Herculean task. These body swaps often occur in comedies, which never get lauded in the way they should, but Tom Hanks's portrayal of a child in an adult body in Big and Jamie Lee Curtis's mannerisms of Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday are incredible displays of the craft. These actors must make the audience believe they're an entirely different character in a body the character doesn't understand. That's not easy to pull off.