The Oldest Active NFL Players In 2022

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Every NFL player over the age of 35.

Who is the oldest NFL player right now? The oldest NFL players of 2022 know football is a rough, physical game that does not lend itself to players sticking around in the league for very long, but the oldest players in the NFL right now are proof that with good conditioning, will, and a little bit of luck, athletes can stay on the field long past the age when most have retired. Who are the best old players in the NFL today? Which current oldest NFL players do you love?

It won't surprise you to learn that most of the oldest active NFL players are kickers and quarterbacks, positions where the rules help protect them from some of the more viscious aspects of the game. At 45 years old, quarterback Tom Brady is by far the oldest player in the NFL, five years older than the next oldest player. Also on the list of oldest football players are QBs Joe Flacco Brees and Aaron Rodgers and kickers Matt Prater and Mason Crosby.

So if you're wondering who's still getting out on the field against the young guys, check out this list of NFL players over 35. While some of these players are sure to retire in the coming years, as medicine and condition improve, more names are likely to join this group in the future, as well.