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The Oldest Foods Ever Discovered By Archaeologists, Ranked By How Terrible They Would Be To Eat

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Archaeologists often make gruesome, significant, and fascinating discoveries, but some of their finds are downright repulsive – sometimes they unearth ancient foods. These foods date back thousands of years, making them actual archaeological discoveries, and most of them sound pretty disgusting. 

Archaeologists find food all the time, whether it's hiding in ancient tombs, resting on the bottom of the sea in a sunken ship, or tied around the neck of a mummy. These ancient food discoveries range from the palatable – such as preserved honey found in Egyptian pyramids – to the completely revolting – 5,000-year-old butter pulled out of a bog – to the culturally significant – 4,000-year-old preserved noodles discovered at Lajia site, also known as China's Pompeii

Take a look through the oldest foods archaeologists have discovered, and contemplate facing these choices at a sadistic buffet. What would be the absolutely worst food to eat today?