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19 Tweets You Will Totally Get If You Grew Up with Younger Siblings

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Being the oldest child comes with its own unique set of challenges - like always carrying the added burden of responsibility in watching out for your younger siblings, having to do the lion's share of chores, and dealing with parents who are super strict with you only to lighten up later. (You always had a 10pm curfew and now your little brother can mysteriously stay out until midnight. How is that fair?!) A bunch of geniuses have tweeted about what it's like to be the oldest sibling and they are pretty on point. These oldest child tweets will make you laugh if you grew up dealing with the struggle (and occasional joy) of having younger siblings. 

When you're the oldest, you're a guinea pig for your parents in many ways: the eldest takes a machete and hacks their way through the jungle of the unknown, the middle child takes a bulldozer through, and the youngest strolls along a well-worn path. You'll relate to these oldest sibling tweets if you know the path of the machete, in all its rewards and struggles.

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    When You've Trained Them Well

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    This Baffling Double Standard

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    This Classic Move

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    When They Are the Epitome of Annoying and You Just Have to Deal with It

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