TMI Facts About Olivia Munn's Sex Life  

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In a matter of ten years, Olivia Munn has gone from every nerd's wet dream to a major blockbuster Hollywood sex symbol. Munn got her start in comedy, co-hosting G4's Attack of the Show. She followed up that stint with a brief gig as a correspondent for The Daily Show. In 2016, Munn made headlines starring in X-Men: Apocalypse, after stints on the radically different New Girl and The Newsroom.

Whether in jest or sincerity, Munn is open to talking about her sex symbol status. She knows she's "guy hot," and she's always up for teasing her male fans with her NSFW anecdotes. The comedy in Munn's tone when she discusses her sex life is apparent, as is her confidence, which is enthralling. The Hollywood up-and-comer enjoys talking dirty, but refuses to be talked down to (just ask Brett Ratner).

So get your tissues out, brosefs, because it's time for some deliciously TMI facts about Olivia Munn's sex life, straight from the...well, from Munn's mouth.
She Likes Sex with the Lights On

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In a bit of an overshare, Munn talked about all the things that make sex just right. She's not afraid to bare it all, even with the lights on“I prefer lights on because I feel like I like to see what’s happening," she said.

"Penises are like snowflakes. Everyone is different so you want to really know what’s happening.” It rains men, it snows penises. Weather is crazy. 
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Kristin Cavallari is Jealous of Her Hotness

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes (and uniforms). #SFPD #xmen #apocalypse

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When the Chicago Bears's Kyle Long was asked to choose the hotter football girlfriend, Olivia Munn or Kristen Cavallari, the athlete didn't hesitate to pick Munn. Cavallari, former The Hills star and partner of Long's teammate Jay Cutler, took to Twitter to confront Long over his diss.

"Ummmm excuse me," she jealously tweeted. Long gave a virtual shrug, writing back that "KC knows [he's] into brunettes." Classic jealous woman on Twitter move.  
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Guys Break Up with Her Because She Wants Sex Too Often


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Asked how she could possibly still be single, Munn joked that it probably has something to do with her high sex drive.

"I’d probably say people have broken up with me because they’re like, ‘Oh, you just want to have sex too much’” Munn said. “That’s what I want to go on the record. ‘Sometimes you’re too awesome and you want sex too much and you cook all the time.’"

So basically Munn's exes broke up with her for the two worst reasons ever - she wants sex constantly and she cooks all the time. Sounds awful. Apparently Aaron Rodgers likes to eat bang like a Super Bowl MVP. 
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She Lost Her Virginity at Age 18

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Munn isn't into sex if you're a virgin. She prefers her men to be fully experienced by the time they bring her to bed.

"I would feel that’s a lot of pressure. I would say my suggestion is to any virgin out there, have sex as soon as you can. Whoever it is, just do it," she shared. Munn then discussed the moment she lost her own virginity. "I was 18 with a boy that was five years older. I remember afterwards my first words were, ‘Is that it?’ He was very excited.”
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