Every Song On Olivia Rodrigo's 'Guts,' Ranked

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Vote up the tracks you think are the best on Olivia Rodrigo's second album, ‘Guts.’

Olivia Rodrigo's highly anticipated sophomore album, Guts, has been unleashed upon the world. Following up the former Disney star's multi-platinum, Grammy-winning 2021 debut, Sour, Rodrigo's second full-length serves as the perfect continuation of her inaugural offerings. Chock full of angsty and searing pop-punk raucousness and affecting pop maturity, Guts highlights Rodrigo's confidence, wit, and rage across 12 tracks that, as a whole, will undoubtedly land on many an Album of the Year list.

But which of the 12 songs offered on Guts are the best? That's where you come in. Vote up the songs below that you think are the strongest on Olivia Rodrigo's second release. Feel free to vote down the ones you feel aren't up to snuff.

  • vampire
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    164 VOTES


    I should've known it was strange
    You only come out at night
    I used to think I was smart
    But you made me look so naive
    The way you sold me for parts
    As you sunk your teeth into me, oh
    Bloodsucker, fame f*cker
    Bleedin' me dry like a godd*mn vampire

    164 votes
  • all-american b*tch
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    160 VOTES

    all-american b*tch

    And I am built like a mother and a total machine
    I feel for your every little issue, I know just what you mean
    And I make light of the darkness
    I've got sun in my motherf*ckin' pocket, best believe
    Yeah, you know me

    160 votes
  • get him back!
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    149 VOTES

    get him back!

    He said I was the only girl, but that just wasn't the truth
    And when I told him how he hurt me, he'd tell me I was trippin'
    But I am my father's daughter, so maybe I could fix him

    149 votes
  • bad idea, right?
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    154 VOTES

    bad idea, right?

    Oh, yes, I know that he's my ex
    But can't two people reconnect?
    I only see him as a friend
    I just tripped and fell into his bed

    154 votes
  • love is embarrassing
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    129 VOTES

    love is embarrassing

    'Causе now it don't mean a thing
    God, love's f*ckin' embarrassin'
    Just watch as I crucify myself
    For some weird second string
    Loser who's not worth mentioning
    My God, love's embarrassing as hell

    129 votes
  • ballad of a homeschooled girl
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    136 VOTES

    ballad of a homeschooled girl

    Cat got my tongue
    And I don't think I get along with anyone
    Blood runnin' cold
    I'm on the outside of the greatest inside joke
    And I hate all my clothes
    Feels like my skin doesn't fit right over my bones

    136 votes