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Olympic Athletes Born in Idaho

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Famous Olympians from Idaho have achieved some of the highest honors in sports history just by being selected to compete for the gold. While not every Idaho athlete wins a gold medal - or even a silver or bronze! - the important thing is they made their home state proud. These are the most prominent people from Idaho who have competed in the Olympics.

From well known cities like Boise to small, obscure towns, all these athletes came out to represent Idaho in the legendary games. From established stars like Hailey Duke to up and coming Olympians like Ben Ferguson and Scott Patterson, it's all here for you to peruse. 

  • Scott Patterson1

    Scott Patterson

  • Dane Spencer2

    Dane Spencer

  • Caitlin Patterson3

    Caitlin Patterson

  • Jessika Jenson4

    Jessika Jenson

    Athlete, Snowboarder
  • Ben Ferguson5

    Ben Ferguson

  • Hailey Duke6

    Hailey Duke

    Athlete, Alpine skier
  • Ian Waltz7

    Ian Waltz

  • Jeret Peterson8

    Jeret Peterson

    Freestyle skier
  • Kristin Armstrong9

    Kristin Armstrong

    Athlete, Professional Road Racing Cyclist
  • Nate Holland10

    Nate Holland

    Athlete, Snowboarder
  • Nick Symmonds11

    Nick Symmonds

    Track and field athlete
  • Picabo Street12

    Picabo Street

  • Sara Studebaker13

    Sara Studebaker

    Athlete, Biathlete
  • Margo Walters-McDonald14

    Margo Walters-McDonald

  • Isaiah Ford15

    Isaiah Ford

  • Tyson Russell16

    Tyson Russell

  • Mira Rosario17

    Mira Rosario

  • Caleb Ford18

    Caleb Ford

  • John Cena19
  • 20

    Katie Tucker