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What Actually Happens at the Olympic Village

Whether it's the Winter Olympics or the Summer Games, Olympic Villages are full of fit people whose nerves and hormones are running on high. Not to mention the fact that they're all in a new place, with new people and plenty of reasons to party. What does all that add up to? Hookups. A lot of them.

Of course, the Olympic Village isn't just one giant party all the time. Sometimes the athletes have to take breaks and go play the sports they've been training for their whole lives. There are some other interesting Olympic village stories that don't include getting intimate, of course - they're just not as prevalent.

  • Team USA Is Supposedly The Most Flirtatious

    In general, according to some of the athletes, Team USA is the flirtiest and most vivacious of all the teams in the Olympics. From outright propositioning other athletes to hooking up with Olympians from all over the world, Team USA seemingly likes to go for gold on the field and in the bedroom.
  • One Olympian Says Certain Types Of Athletes Are More Open

    According to one Olympian, swimmers, track athletes, beach volleyball players, and gymnasts are some of the most open and eager athletes at the games. Rowers and equestrian athletes, on the other hand, are a lot less likely to be down to get it on. On top of that, he named the U.S. and Eastern European countries as the one's most likely to be willing to hook up.

  • In 2000, One Unsupervised House Became The Hookup Pad

    At the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Josh Lakatos decided to stay at the Olympic village long after his events (target shooting) were over. He did so by jimmying the lock of what used to be their three story condo. Over the next several days, the largely unsupervised house turned essentially into a party pad. Athletes from all over the world came to hook up, and most of them left by the next morning.

  • The Hookups Start Well Before The Actual Games

    The athletes arrive at the Olympic Village about a week before the opening ceremonies, and according to some athletes, the hooking up starts almost immediately. Some athletes wait until after their events have come and gone, others start to sleep around long before any medals are won.