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With more than 230 movie fans casting votes, this list of the best Omar Epps movies is a great way to get acquainted with one of Hollywood's most reliable actors. Whether you know him as Dr. Eric Foreman in House or drama films such as Love & Basketball, Omar Epps has been an enduring presence in films and television for decades.

Epps's range as an actor makes it difficult to pin him down into any one genre — he excels at playing edgy thrillers, romantic comedies, and heartfelt dramas alike. His performances are marked by a commanding intensity that draws viewers in and keeps them hooked until the end credits roll.

One of his earliest breakout roles was as Quincy McCall in Love & Basketball, a coming-of-age story about two friends who fall for each other while chasing their dreams on the court. Fans also fondly remember him for his turn opposite Laurence Fishburne in Higher Learning.

So without further ado, let us take you through some of Omar Epps' best work to date. Don't forget to rank your favorites so everyone can see what movies make it to the top spot.

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