On-Set Pranks That Prove Hollywood Actors Have Fun

Many movie fans do not realize the tremendous amount of downtime on a film set. It could take hours for a cinematographer to light a single take, or for a director to block one tracking shot. Of course, movie making is a serious business with millions of production dollars on the line. However, actors have to fill the hours somehow, and just because a producer has a budget to keep, it doesn't mean that shenanigans aren't taking place. We all know that George Clooney is a notorious prankster, and he alone could easily fill this entire list with his impressive prank resume. But he's not the only one. Here are the best on-set movie pranks by Hollywood actors.

One thing you learn by doing a little research into Hollywood pranks is that A-List celebrities worth millions of dollars are just mere human beings who think fart jokes are funny and a crude joke about penis size is not beneath them. Don’t think that acclaimed British actor Alan Rickman appreciated the virtues of a good fart machine? Think again.

Some of the pranks on this list may even cross the line of good clean fun. Just ask Sean Penn how he felt when he thought a real life prison guard was racing towards him with a gun drawn? Or how about the time Paul Newman made director Otto Preminger collapse in shock and fear.

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