Once Upon a Time Moments That Made You Feel All the Feels  

Ginny Isaad
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When the premise of a show is to bring to life characters from Disney classics, it’s bound to tug at our heartstrings. However, the films we grew up watching didn't really prepare us for our sudden love for the villains we once disregarded (hello, Captain Hook). The romantic drama in Once Upon a Time explores the traditional trials and tribulations of fairy tale characters, but adds modern (and emotional) twists.

"Oncers" know story lines can veer off into uncharted territory, until the Disney classics that act as the foundation for the show become mere suggestions. Hybrid characters like Rumple/Beast/Dark One/Crocodile may make the uninitiated viewer cock their head in confusion, but the awesome cast makes it work beautifully. Throughout the seasons, we’ve visited Oz, Arrendelle, and Neverland with a core cast that includes Snow, Charming, Emma, Belle, Regina, and Rumple. Along the way, there are have plenty of sad and funny moments.

This is a compilation of the scenes that made you feel all the feels in Once Upon a Time episodes so far. Which moments were your favorite? Vote up the best ones!

When Emma Breaks the Curse

Throughout the show, we’re constantly reminded that True Love’s Kiss is the antidote to any curse. So it’s obvious why it’s the go-to cure. In this instance, Emma gets a chance to be the savior by breaking the curse and giving everyone back the memories of their fairy tale lives.
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When Regina Gives Emma and Henry New Memories

With Pan’s curse headed their way, Emma and Henry must leave Storybrooke. Regina’s parting gifts are happy memories where Emma never gave Henry up and Storybrooke never existed.
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Snow, Charming, and Emma's Reunion

What’s beautiful about this scene with David and Mary Margaret is that their expressions say it all. Even though they look to be the same age, David and Mary Margaret are so believable in their paternal/maternal roles that when she finally says, “You found us,” you really believe a family has finally come together.
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When Baelfire Forgives Rumple

We'd gotten used to resentful Neal, but angry and hurt Baelfire came out in this scene as he and Rumple share a father-son moment. Better late than never.
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