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'One for the Money' movie quotes include some of the best lines from this 2012 adaptation of Janet Evanovich's wildly popular 1994 novel of the same name. In 'One for the Money,' Katherine Heigl plays Plum, a bounty hunter who is actually pretty normal. She's no Dirty Harry but she's no dummy either. The Stephanie Plum character has appeared in multiple Evanovich books, including, most recently, 'Explosive Eighteen.' Quotes from 'One for the Money,' not surprisingly, include witty dialogue from Plum and other characters, including her grandmother, "Grandma Mazur," vice cop (and ex-flame) Joe Morelli and others. See a favorite 'One for the Money' quote on this list? Vote it up! And if you have a personal favorite quote that's missing, add it to the list!

The 'One for the Money' movie adaptation has been a long time coming. Janet Evanovich's books are phenomenally popular, and the character of Stephanie Plum is no doubt a favorite for readers. Can Katherine Heigl give a solid portrayal? Hopefully so. The film also features John Leguizamo as Jimmy Alpha, Jason O'Mara as Joe Morelli, Debbie Reynolds as Grandma Mazur and Daniel Sunjata as Ranger.

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Put the Gun Away
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Mrs. Plum: "Stephanie started a new job!"
Stephanie Plum: "Yeah, I did. I just got a gun."
Mrs. Plum: "Whoa!" (Grandma Mazur checks out the gun and proceeds to shoot the chicken sitting on the dinner table)
Mrs. Plum: "Put the gun away, ma!"
Mr. Plum: She belongs in a home."
Grandma Mazur: "Shot that sucker in the gumpy..."

Mr. Plum (Luis Mustillo) certainly has a point, but something tells me he's vastly underestimating Grandma Mazur and her abilities. Look out, gumpys!
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Your Car
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Stephanie Plum: "They blew up our car!"
Joe Morelli: "Excuse me, who's car?"
Stephanie Plum: "Your car. You want it back?"

The chemistry between Stephanie and Joe is hard to miss, both in the book and in the 2012 movie adaptation of 'One for the Money.'
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Nailing Morelli
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Stephanie Plum: "I was shooting a gun. How hot is that? I'm gonna nail Morelli. Not 'nail' Morelli! You know what I mean..."
Sara: "Yeah."
Stephanie Plum: "He's worth fifty grand!"

Can Stephanie manage to "nail" Morelli without actually, you know, "nailing" him? She's definitely determined to do so, but Morelli is awfully cute...
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I Can Do This
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Stephanie Plum: "Joe Morelli skipped out on bail? (looks at the file)
Connie: "Fifty grand, dead or alive."
Stephanie Plum: "I can do this."

Stephanie is determined to get a new job. Finding her ex-boyfriend, Joe Morelli, seems like just the ticket for her. Unfortunately, it might not be as easy as she thinks...
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