11 One-Hit Wonder Actors Who Got A Big Break But Went Back To Not Doing Much

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One-hit wonders aren't a phenomenon reserved for the music world. There have been many one-hitwonder actors over the years - talented and seemingly promising young performers who quickly faded after their big break. While being remembered as a single character in a single project can undoubtedly be a challenge to parlay into a successful, long-term career, actors who had just one big role often hold a special place in our collective heart.


It's no secret that show business is a brutal environment, known for chewing up talented performers and spitting them out. Actors who were one-hit wonders likely experienced this shunning for themselves, relegated either to minor roles in lower-quality productions or to no roles at all. But for one, relatively brief moment, they shone brightly, giving the world a single memorable performance before their star burned out. We can bemoan their stalled careers and wonder what might have been, or we can be grateful for their single-performance legacy.