27 People Who Had One Job And Managed To Completely Botch It

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Just because a job is simple doesn't mean there's not a way to screw it up. As seen on r/onejob, here are a bunch of people who took an easy task and completely botched it.

  • 1. On The Up And Up

    On The Up And Up
    Photo: u/edgarjeremy / Reddit
  • 2. Hard Wouldn't Floors

    Hard Wouldn't Floors
    Photo: u/Agent74- / Reddit
  • 3. You Have Our Sympathies

    You Have Our Sympathies
    Photo: u/Crazy_Jimmy5 / Reddit
  • 4. Close!

    Photo: u/Dragon_Ale / Reddit
  • 5. Exhausting

    Photo: u/j3nkman / Reddit
  • 6. Meet Me At The Bup Stop

    Meet Me At The Bup Stop
    Photo: u/Cause4concern27 / Reddit