25 People With One Job To Do Who Completely Phoned It In

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There's something kind of nice about someone who gives little effort. Perhaps we're jealous or just impressed by their audacity. Either way these folks as seen on r/onejob have a lot of gumption and not a lot of work ethic. Be sure to vote up your favorites.

  • 1. How Secret Are These Tips?

    How Secret Are These Tips?
    Photo: u/Whatsiathisgame8 / Reddit
    6 votes
  • 2. You Want Me To Do What?

    You Want Me To Do What?
    Photo: u/Lucifer666158 / Reddit
    6 votes
  • 3. Who Rescued You?

    Who Rescued You?
    Photo: u/fkasumim / Reddit
    5 votes
  • 4. No Loopholes

    No Loopholes
    Photo: u/katzenragout / Reddit
    9 votes
  • 5. So Close

    So Close
    Photo: u/Next_Ad_6245 / Reddit
    9 votes
  • 6. Leave Your Shovel Behind

    Leave Your Shovel Behind
    Photo: u/ZaNamedo / Reddit
    4 votes