29 People Who Had One Job And Completely Botched It

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Ever see someone screw up something simple leaving you to scream, "You had one job!"? This list, pulled from r/onejob, collects some of the best worst jobs we've ever seen.

  • 1. Clear Directions

    Clear Directions
    Photo: u/polite__redditor / Reddit
    3,540 votes
  • 2. Then What Do You Do?

    Then What Do You Do?
    Photo: u/GhostInTheBathroom / Reddit
    4,413 votes
  • 3. Sorry Iguanas!

    Sorry Iguanas!
    Photo: u/zealanderous / Reddit
    2,543 votes
  • 4. Shocking

    Photo: u/lol62056 / Reddit
    2,893 votes
  • 5. Mom Spilled

    Mom Spilled
    Photo: u/username123456111111 / Reddit
    3,731 votes
  • 6. There It Goes

    There It Goes
    Photo: u/Trickshotzzz / Reddit
    2,340 votes