Total Nerd This Artist Illustrates What Everyday Life Is Really Like With His Wife In 22 Comics  

Mick Jacobs
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Though typically free of superpowers and large-scale conflict, the married life gets just as tumultuous and layered as any Marvel or DC comic. Artist Yehuda Devir decided to create a web comic series about married life, specifically his marriage to his wife Maya. Titled One of Those Days, these web comics about married life tackle the everyday struggles and successes of a couple's life. Featuring couple past times ranging from sharing the shower to Black Friday shopping, the best One of Those Days comics present both heartwarming and hilarious aspects of married life. Yehuda's marriage web comics, which accumulated millions of followers on Instagram, make a convincing case for the pros of marriage, especially when you see the quirky chemistry between his and Maya's animated selves.

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Off To Work


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How Romantic


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After A Fight


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Getting The Groceries


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