'One Piece' Fans Share Their Personal Headcanons About The Series

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If you're a One Piece fan, chances are that you've spent some time speculating about its characters, its story, and its world. If so, you're not alone - fans all over Reddit are doing the same. We've rounded up a selection of One Piece headcanons for your consideration. Whether based in canon or totally out there, these headcanons will give you something to think about.

Some are wholesome headcanons, like the one about Usopp and Robin's friendship. Some are sad headcanons, like the one about Sanji's tragic childhood. Others are funny - it's hard not to laugh at the idea that Mihawk has a ridiculous Devil Fruit. Do you wish any of these headcanons were true?


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    Sanji And Zoro Respect Each Other Deeply

    Sanji and Zoro are rivals who are constantly bickering with each other and engaging in competition. Redditor u/dixy69 thinks that this is because their feelings for one another aren't quite what they seem.

    "Zoro thinks Sanji is better than him and Sanji thinks Zoro is better than him."

    Redditor u/SVTBert adds this:

    "Zoro looks at the cuts of meat Sanji prepares and is the only one skilled enough to notice that only a literal master swordsman could achieve such cuts, then goes straight to the weight room in a huff and trains for 12 hours straight."

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    Luffy Is An Integral Part Of Sanji's Training

    Why are Sanji's legs so strong? Redditor u/Less_Head has this amusing explanation.

    "Sanji trains just by constantly kicking Luffy away from the pantry."

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    Sanji's Trauma Influenced Him In Small Ways

    Sanji's childhood was horrible, so it's no surprise that what he went through would show up in his behavior. Redditor u/Mirai_no_Beederu breaks it down.

    "A lot of Sanji's tics (his fear of bugs, grabbing at his hair when he's nervous) stem from when he was locked up in the dungeon at Germa and was forced to wear the mask on his head. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if we found out he's a bit claustrophobic."

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    Shanks Fights Like Gol D. Roger

    Very little is known about how Shanks performs in battle, although we do know that he's outlandishly strong. Redditor u/Kata_Kuri36 has a theory:

    "Shank's fighting style is the same as Roger's. He adapted it while sailing with him. No evidence whatsoever, but it would make sense how both fight with a similar sword and are masters at Haki."

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    Usopp's Dreams Have Already Come True

    Usopp's goal in life is to be a brave warrior. He doesn't see himself that way, but according to Redditor u/jetman209, he's already achieved his goal, and he just needs someone else to acknowledge him.

    "Usopp has already completed his dream. He just hasn’t realized it yet. He won’t realize his dream until someone he “respects” acknowledges it. The most obvious person would be Yasopp congratulating him on being a brave warrior without Yasopp even realizing that it's Usopp's dream."

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    Sanji's Sister Is Boy Crazy

    Sanji is known for going off the deep end when he sees a pretty girl. His brothers can be pretty lecherous too. While his sister Reiju didn't appear to share this family trait, Redditor u/conDoriano56 thinks that maybe she's a little more lascivious than she lets on.

    "That Reiju is just as boy crazy as her brothers are girl crazy; she was just too busy with family drama to show it in Whole Cake Island. I'm just waiting for her to meet Zoro and give Sanji a mental breakdown."

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