15 Funny Memes About Luffy And Trafalgar Law's Pirate Alliance That Are Way Too Good

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Luffy teaming up with the fan-favorite of the non-protagonist Worst Generation - what can go wrong? Everything, apparently. From their escapades on Wano and Punk Hazard to freeing Dressrosa from the clutches of Doflamingo, the pair of pirates have struck up an unlikely alliance (dare I say, friendship?) that One Piece readers love to see. The pair's dynamic as near-polar opposites has led to incredibly humorous gags in the series as well as a bevy of memes outside of the series. Here are some of the best we could find, enjoy!

  • 1. Law Always Ready To Scrap

    Law Always Ready To Scrap
    Photo: u/MuscledWeeaboo / Reddit
    71 votes
  • 2. Oof

    Photo: u/mohjad_1 / Reddit
    90 votes
  • 3. The Luff-pacalypse

    The Luff-pacalypse
    Photo: u/scram557 / Reddit
    64 votes
  • 4. Before And After

    Before And After
    Photo: u/PortgasDAce07 / Reddit
    58 votes
  • 5. Luffy Is A Man Of Action

    Luffy Is A Man Of Action
    Photo: u/NewEra3164 / Reddit
    52 votes
  • 6. The Fate Of The Kids Rests On Your Head

    The Fate Of The Kids Rests On Your Head
    Photo: u/xG-Stokllein / Reddit
    72 votes