15 'One Piece' Villains That Are Impossible To Hate

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One Piece is filled with villains that are both despicable and sympathetic, successfully blurring the lines of good and bad. Government antagonists like Kizaru and Fujitora are just doing their job, however many marines end up siding with Luffy and the Straw Hats. Villains like Crocodile and Buggy are technically villains, but no One Piece fan would mind seeing them again.

They may give our heroes a hard time, but One Piece antagonists like Smoker or Katakuri have us watching each fight with bated breath. Take a look below and vote up the One Piece villains you can't help but root for.

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    Charlotte Katakuri is the second son and third child of one of the Four Emperors of the Sea, Big Mom. He's hailed as the top commander of the Charlotte Pirates for his exceptionally strong build and overpowered devil fruit ability. His mochi-mochi fruit and ability of foresight helped him pummel Luffy for over forty episodes. As one of the longest fights in the series, it was necessary for Luffy to battle Katakuri in order to later defeat Kaido. Katakuri gained massive respect for Luffy after seeing him get up time and time again, absolutely intent on winning the battle. The mutual respect between the future King of the Pirates and Katakuri made most audiences hope they meet again as friends, not enemies. 

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    Aokiji served as one of the top admirals of the Marines for many years. He played a massive part in the Marineford War, intent on fighting off Luffy and the rest of the his army to make sure of Ace's execution. Fans realize Aokiji is in a tough spot. He's got a strong sense of justice, clearly, which is why he joined the Marines. However, viewers quickly realize through his actions with Robin that he's conflicted about the Marines' sketchy idea of "justice." After letting Robin go to be truly free, there's no way we can hate him.

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    Reiju is truly only a villain by association. She's distinctly different from her sociopathetic siblings, Yonji, Niji, and Ichiji, who live to serve the Vinsmoke's patriarch, Judge. In Whole Cake Island, it's clear that the Vinsmokes are some of the worst villains in the series. Judge shunned Sanji from the family because he showed compassion and empathy, unlike his siblings who were scientifically made to be without feeling. His three brothers maliciously beat him whenever they could, however, Reiju was different. Reiju showed Sanji love and helped him escape the horrible conditions in which he was forced to live. Reiju was Sanji's saving grace.

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    Mihawk is presented as the powerful character he is, defeating Zoro with a violent slash and earning his respect along with it. It becomes Zoro's goal to surpass Mihawk and become the world's greatest swordsman. Mihawk is an enemy of the Straw Hats if only to keep his status as a Warlord. Audiences love Mihawk because of his mysterious nature and modest personality, along with his eccentricities, like having an army of swordswielding baboons. All One Piece fans know is that no one will be able to breathe when Zoro and Mihawk finally collide again.

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    The enormous Bartholomew Kuma terrified everyone. He appeared on Thriller Bark at the worst possible moment, right after the Straw Hats' battled Moria and were exhausted, bruised, and bloody. It was a situation where all hope was lost until Zoro took it upon himself to absorb Luffy's pain and spare the Straw Hats from eminent danger.

    Later on when Kuma confronted the Straw Hats in Sabaody, viewers knew all hope was lost. Kuma used his paw-paw fruit to send the Straw Hats' flying, successfully seperating them from each other in one of the most emotional moments in the series. We only get a glimpse about Kuma's troubling past, learning that he was the product of experiments perpetrated by the world government. When audiences found out it was none other than Kuma who protected the Thousand Sunny during their two-year hiatus, his status as a villain was seriously questioned.

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    Even though he's one of the strongest admirals we've yet to see in One Piece, Fujitora is a fan favorite for plenty of reasons. The Marines are the natural antagonists of One Piece considering they're always after the Straw Hats, but even Fujitora can't deny Luffy's superior sense of justice. He put up quite a fight in Dressrosa, pinning Luffy and the Straw Hats between a rock and a hard place before essentially letting them go moderately unscathed. In addition to all of that, Fujitora admitted that even though he blinded himself on purpose, he wished he could see Luffy's face, saying, "I wish I hadn't closed these eyes. I'd have enjoyed taking a good look at you."