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20 Things You Didn't Know About S-Class Heroes In One Punch Man

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The S Class Heroes are known for being the greatest heroes in the world of One Punch Man - or, at least, they're the ones who get the credit for being the greatest. Some, like King, are not nearly as strong as they seem. That's a well-known detail about the S-Class Heroes, but there are other, more subtle details that you might not know about. Some come from data books and interviews, while others come from the series itself. 

What are some things you didn't know about S-class heroes in One Punch Man? Well, did you know that Genos cries oil, not tears? Here's a fact about a lesser-known character: Child Emperor teaches classes when he's not doing hero work. 

Which of these bits of OPM trivia interests you the most?

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    Metal Bat Could Have Taken Down Garou

    According to illustrator Yusuke Murata, Metal Bat's fight with Garou would have ended a lot differently had Bat's sister Zenko not intervened. So differently, in fact, that it would have been the end of Garou's life, and many of the scenes in the second half of Season 2 would not have happened. 

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    Tatsumaki's Fight Against Ancient King Was Misunderstood By The Animators

    In the anime, when Tatsumaki battles Ancient King, she drops a meteor on him. This was apparently the result of the animation team misunderstanding what ONE intended. Tatsumaki was only supposed to drop a boulder onto Ancient King, which was supposed to trigger a flashback to another time when he'd been hit by a meteor. ONE says that if Tatsumaki could actually do that, she would also have been easily able to take down Boros' ship. 

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    Watchdog Man May Be Based on A Famous Dog

    Watchdog Man spends most of his time observing the city from his pedestal. This might be based on a real Japanese Akita dog named Hachiko, who is a famous symbol of loyalty - he would meet his owner at the train station every day after work, and continued to do so for ten years after his owner passed away. There's a statue to commemorate Hachiko in Tokyo. 

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    King Won't Be Getting Powers

    Some OPM fans might be wondering whether or not King is ever going to become genuinely strong. ONE answered that question by stating that while King will continue to show courage in his own way, he's not going to suddenly develop powers or strength, and will instead remain who he is.