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20 Things You Didn't Know About S-Class Heroes In One Punch Man

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The S Class Heroes are known for being the greatest heroes in the world of One Punch Man - or, at least, they're the ones who get the credit for being the greatest. Some, like King, are not nearly as strong as they seem. That's a well-known detail about the S-Class Heroes, but there are other, more subtle details that you might not know about. Some come from data books and interviews, while others come from the series itself. 

What are some things you didn't know about S-class heroes in One Punch Man? Well, did you know that Genos cries oil, not tears? Here's a fact about a lesser-known character: Child Emperor teaches classes when he's not doing hero work. 

Which of these bits of OPM trivia interests you the most?

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    Genos' Tears Are Made Of Oil

    Despite having an entirely robotic body aside from his brain, Genos still has some distinctly human features. One of those is the the ability to cry. However, he doesn't have typical human tears - his tears are made of oil. 

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    A Scary Rumor Surrounds Pig God

    Pig God is known for devouring his enemies. While we've seen him devour a monster who was attacking the city, there are rumors that he once ate 50 Seafolk in one shot, and left no sign of their existence behind. 

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    Child Emperor Is A Teacher

    Aside from his hero duties, Child Emperor has another job - he's a teacher. It's not clear what subject he teaches, or at what level.

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    Bang Invented The Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist

    Working alongside his brother Bomb, Bang created his own martial arts style, Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist. All of his scars derive from his attempts to master this style, rather than from battles with villains.