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Here Are All The Shared Voice Actors Between One Punch Man & MHA/Fairy Tail

Updated 2 Jul 2019 2.4k views18 items

While the pool of Japanese voice actors may be larger than that of the American dub actors, there's still a ton of crossover between shows. Voice actors don't just lend their voices to one character and then get out - they often take on multiple projects at once, and continue to do so over the course of a long career. Popular voice actors like Yuki Kaji and Aoi Yuuki pop up all over the world of anime - that's typical. What's not so typical is when there's a ton of crossover between two specific shows.

One Punch Man voice actors can be disproportionately found in both My Hero Academia and Fairy Tail - in fact, each show has nine points of crossover with OPM. Kaito Ishikawa plays both Genos and Tenya Iida, while Yuuichi Nakamura voices both Gray Fullbuster and Mumen Rider. One voice actor, Wataru Hatano, actually appears in all three series, lending his voice to Hitoshi Shinsou, Gajeel Redfox, and Metal Bat. 

When the characters are similar, viewers get a chance to see a voice actor specializing in a type. When the characters are different, the actors display an impressive range. No matter what, these crossovers are fun pieces of trivia that are worth knowing about if you're a fan of Japanese voice actors, or any of the three shows. 

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