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The Best Stand-Alone & One Shot Comics Storylines

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In the modern age of comic books, over arching story lines and plots that stretch across multiple titles are all the rage. It can be impossible to find a jumping on point for a book that you’ve heard about or a series that’s been recommended to you. That’s why one-shot stories are such a cool thing. Usually taking place over the course of one issue, a one-shot tells a stand alone story that usually exists outside of the canon of the rest of the series. Although some times they can inform the mythology of the series and further the plot, they’re usually released to tell a singular story. We love the concept of the one-shot and decided to put together a list of our favorite one-shot comics, from massive titles, to independent heartfelt stories.

On this list of our favorite one-shot comics, we got a little loosey goosey with the concept of what a one-shot is (and to be fair, it seems like the comic industry plays pretty loosely with the concept themselves), we’ve covered everything from long form Batman comics to single issues of self released books. To be fair, the self released book on this list won an Eisner Award. We tried to include as many genres as we could, straying from the standard superhero books as much as possible, the only thing we didn’t include was Archie – but how can expect us to choose just one issue of Archie?

Vote up which one-shot comics you think are the best, and leave any suggestions about anything we missed in the comments. We’re always looking to read something new.