The 15 Most One-Sided Fights In Naruto, Ranked

Some Naruto fights are between equally strong, equally prepared combatants who have to put everything they have into the showdown. Other fights...not so much. In the most one-sided Naruto fights, one person - or one side - totally dominates their opponents. 

One of the most noteworthy examples is when Madara takes on not just the five Kages, but the entire Shinobi Alliance, proving how impossibly strong he is. But there are also some less-discussed examples, like when Temari defies Shikamaru's expectations by defeating Tayuya within seconds. While these fights are often over quickly, they're some of the flashiest, most exciting moments in the series. 


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    Sasuke vs Itachi

    When Sasuke and Itachi fight for the first time, it's so one-sided that it's painful. Though Sasuke desperately wants to destroy his big brother for annihilating their clan, he lacks the strength and experience he needs to do so. Also, he's a preteen, and his opponent is nearing adulthood. Sasuke tries to use Chidori, but is slammed into the wall before he can land a hit.

    It's this fight that drives Sasuke to Orochimaru's lair - it makes him realize just how far the gap between him and his brother is. 

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    Madara vs Shinobi Alliance

    You might think that an entire military force staffed with some of the greatest living ninja and thousands of competent foot soldiers would be able to make at least a little progress against Madara - but they can't. From his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan to his ability to literally pull a meteor out of the sky, Madara is one scary shinobi. The only person who even stood a chance against him was Might Guy - but that's a whole 'nother fight.

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    Naruto & Killer Bee vs White Zetsu Army

    The White Zetsu might be creepy, and there might be a lot of them, but they're not actually that hard for Naruto and B to defeat. Fueled by his Yang chakra, Naruto is able to easily slice through their ranks, using huge Rasengans to help him out. Even when a bunch of Zetsu fuse into one monstrous beast, he still defeats them. Then, using his power to Negative Emotions Sensing jutsu, he tracks down the remains of the army and eliminates them too. 

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    Deidara vs Itachi

    In order to force Deidara to join the Akatsuki, Itachi challenges Deidara to a battle. Though Deidara thinks he's about to finish the fight by blowing up the clay centipede wrapped around Itachi's body, it turns out that he's been under a genjutsu the whole time, and the centipede is wrapped around himself. The fight is finished, and Deidara is left both frustrated and in awe.